About Headcase

My name is Nick Barghini (that's me in the video above) and I co-own Headcase FnF along with my friend Adam Stein. Our goal, our dream, the reason we started this business, is to bring back unity & togetherness. We believe in the need to move away from the trends of uber-personalization and choices upon choices upon choices. What's so wrong with repping a brand and looking like other people? This creates solidarity, fellowship, identification, power. Total individuality is not only isolating, it's based on a fallacy. Our aim is not to bash unique-ness, but rather to encourage self-empowerment through association with others who share a common goal (becoming better as people, stronger, affecting change). This can't happen if everyone focuses on how different they are from everyone else. We should be 'different' by being the same.

Together, as Headcases. 

 At Headcase we're a family. We want to encourage and inspire, and to provide a 'home' for those who aren't quite sure where they belong in life. I haven't always felt comfortable showing my (full) self to the world, and this company was born partially out of that discomfort. This is how I express myself, and my hope is that I can empower and unify people through our clothing & media while inspiring them to pursue their own dreams, whatever they may be.

Why Streetwear? Because it's honest. At Headcase we're about people. Real people.

xxFnF? What's that? It stands for Headcase Films & Fashion. Why combine the two? We have long since fallen in love with movies: the stories, the power, we believe in cinema above all other art forms. However we've recently come to the realization that fashion is an extremely powerful artistic medium in it's own right, and thus for us the two seemed like a match made in heaven. We will grow into a full scale media company & clothing brand, with touch points in music, in movies, on the internet & in the fashion world. For now, we are xxFnF. 


Headcase is on Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo & YouTube at "Headcase Films & Fashion", and we're on Twitter & Instagram @headcasefnf (or @nickbarghini). You can also add us on Snapchat (@nicky_b1986) for more exclusive Headcase content and access to our Weekly Wednesday Giveaways.

Life is hard and it goes by fast, so don't just live it, experience it. Maybe we can help.

Nick & Adam, Headcase Films & Fashion