Careers, Collaboration & Contact

Headcase was formed in order to create things: Streetwear, Fashion Films, Video, Graphics & Photos. However we also formed in order to create connections & help people, which is why we champion collaboration and the promotion of talent by whatever means we have available to us.

With the resulting exposure that we gain as we grow, Headcase is being given a platform from which to speak. One of the things we plan to do with that platform is to spark a dialogue about important social issues while attempting to lift up & empower those who cannot lift themselves.

 Check out this recent Facebook post by Headcase founder Nick Barghini on the issue of 'rape culture', something we aspire to help change by using our visibility to start a real discussion about something that ruins far too many lives, and by continuing to empower young women/those who have experienced sexual violence so that they may pursue their own dreams and refuse to let themselves be defined as 'victims'.

We encourage anyone with a story to tell, or ideas to share, to reach out to us at anytime.

Headcase Films & Fashion is always accepting emails, resumes, headshots, reels, musical submissions & any other form of communication from those interested in working for, or with us, so long as you believe in something, have a passion for life and aspire to help & empower others through your creativity.

We love people. We love youth. We love energy & emotion, and we are always seeking talent. If you have something to say about the world but haven't yet found an outlet by which to do so, maybe we can help! Just send over your information to: and we'll be in touch if we feel the fit is right. Also, stay up to date on all Headcase-related opportunities (such as talent shows & promo tours) by signing up for an account here on the site, or by following us on Instagram @headcasefnf.

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